Let House of Comms prepare your body and mind for organisational change through a walk-and-workshop offsite day.

Immersion in nature has huge benefits for our mental and physical health, but it also boosts creativity and problem-solving by 50%. Even better, studies show that creative output increases by an average of 60% amongst people who are walking compared to those sitting. And thanks to an afterglow effect, creativity will remain high even after the walk has finished.

What we do

By immersing ourselves in nature and disconnecting from multimedia and technology, we’re priming our body and mind to tackle complex and creative challenges. 

Taking a walk before an offsite day or event will almost certainly improve the outcome of the discussion or project at hand. Plus, if we set the scene for the day ahead at the start of the walk, our heads will be brimming with ideas by the time we get down to business.

Join House of Comms for a walk-and-workshop, or walkshop, where we’ll head into the hills to boost, nurture and funnel your team’s ideas into a creative challenge or transformative topic. 

Let's Move!

Create change with a business walkshop.

I’ve attended and organised many marketing events in my career and the one format that always goes down well is a workshop. So, let’s imagine you could supercharge the creativity and productivity levels of a workshop by preparing your body and mind for it.
Our walkshops are designed to create change. Whatever your marketing or business challenge, we’ll tackle it with heads full of ideas and lungs full of clean air.
Get in touch to see how we can design the perfect day for you.

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