Let House of Comms take the stress out of marketing strategy and planning, so you can focus on the activations that matter most to you.

The world of marketing is growing fast. As of May 2023, over eleven thousand martech solutions were available to industry professionals, up from seven thousand in 2019. That’s an increase of almost 60% in four years. With so many solutions available to marketers, it’s hard to know where to invest your resources, how to optimise your time and when to spend your budget.

What we do: Strategy

Marketing strategy is about making choices.

We combine industry research with knowledge of your business to craft a marketing strategy that guides decision-making and goal setting.

Even better, we’ll make the process transparent and transferable, so you can adjust and adapt when the time is right.

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What we do: Planning

Marketing planning is about creating structure.

We translate your strategy into mid- or long-term marketing plans that clarify timelines, budgets, actions and responsibilities.

In addition, we’ll share templates and frameworks that can be used when you’re ready to plan for yourself.

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Feel at home with marketing strategy and planning.

If you’re looking for short-term consultancy services from a Chartered Marketer with 14 years’ global B2B marketing experience, let’s talk about your needs.

My strengths lie in creating global-local marketing strategy and writing comprehensive marketing plans that can be followed by your team. I’m based in the UK (Manchester) but I’ve worked remotely with colleagues all over the world, so location is not a barrier.

If you’re not sure how I can help, send me an email or request a meeting to discuss your challenges. If the project isn’t suitable for me, I might be able to recommend someone else for you.

How to map your marketing strategy

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