Team Building

Let House of Comms alleviate stress in individuals and teams through outdoor communication and exercise, so you can achieve health AND wealth.

Almost half of UK workers are running on empty, with burnout, mental ill-health and work-related stress costing the economy £28 billion annually. Amongst 19,000 marketing practitioners surveyed, one third reported having been affected by stress or anxiety. Despite best intentions, a third of managers feel out of their depth supporting their team with mental health concerns.

What we do

Team Building is about group communication.

We take corporate teams into the hills to share stories and make memories. Walking stimulates brain activity, which means we talk AND listen better whilst moving.

As a bonus, feeling part of a team makes us more productive, so you’ll head back to the office feeling ready to work!

Ready to begin?

Let's Walk!

Achieve health and wealth through team building.

If you’re looking to create long-term change for yourself and your team through outdoor coaching, let’s see how I can help.

I provide a safe guided walk where you can focus on talking openly and listening without distraction. Team Building can be arranged as a one-off or a monthly walk and can be designed to suit your current abilities.

We could even set a challenge to progress the group to longer and harder walks over time…if I can walk 268 miles, anyone can!

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