Taking the stress out of marketing… one step at a time

From the office to the great outdoors, we help you, your team and your business to grow well.


Do you lack clarity and direction in your marketing activities?

Marketing strategy doesn’t need to be stressful. With careful planning we can build compelling campaigns, successful strategies and bestselling brands.

It’s time to find your focus and forget the rest!


Do you want to create change in your organisation?

Kick-start your next workshop, offsite day or event with a walk to prepare your body and mind for a day of business transformation.

You’ll need your boots and brain for this dynamic day out!


Does your team crave quality time away from the office?

Whilst data shows that our productivity is linked to feeling part of a team, remote and hybrid working practices are impacting the time we spend together.

Let’s head out of the office and into the hills for the team bonding to begin!


Do you want to meet like-minded marketers?

Our monthly ‘netwalk’ brings together professionals across the marketing industry for conversation, connection and community.

Welcome to business networking without the nerves!

Why Us?

“From the outset, Kate demonstrated an impressive level of professionalism and a knack for structuring solutions. Her marketing plan not only met but exceeded our expectations, addressing immediate needs whilst strategically positioning us for the future.

Her ability to lead with confidence and inclusivity fostered a collaborative atmosphere, resulting in a highly motivated and productive team. Her adaptability and effective communication were key factors in the success of the project, and I am confident that her future engagements will yield similar positive outcomes.”

Chief Marketing Officer, Moving Intelligence

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