House of Comms is a marketing consultancy and coaching business founded in 2023 by me, Kate, a Chartered Marketer and Mountain Leader trainee!

I’m a Chartered Marketer with 14 years’ global B2B marketing experience. I live in Manchester (UK) but I’ve coached and collaborated with colleagues remotely all over the world.

It’s no coincidence that I created House of Comms just weeks after walking the Pennine Way solo. Before taking on this 268-mile trail across the UK, I was suffering from almost daily tension headaches, which I was certain were linked to my working environment.

My Pennine Way journey was so liberating that I returned home wanting to take everyone and anyone on a walk with me to feel the same way.

Unsurprisingly, the headaches I was experiencing subsided whilst walking and as soon as I left my full-time job. I’m not suggesting everyone should do the same – spend 17 days away from family or quit work – but I do think everyone should seek to alleviate stress for the long term.

Believing that there is a healthier way to work in marketing, the goal of House of Comms is to help businesses and individuals prioritise health as well as wealth. I walked almost 1000km in 2023 and I’ve never felt better!


Strategy & Planning

First and foremost, I’m a passionate marketeer with 14 years’ B2B experience and two years under my belt as a Chartered Marketer. Whilst I’m a generalist, my strengths lie in branding and content marketing. I’ve worked with leaders across the globe, predominantly translating global strategy into local plans. I love the clarity that good marketing strategy provides, which is why it’s the cornerstone of the House of Comms consultancy offer.

Team Building

I’m not a qualified coach but I am a qualified (Chartered) marketer who has coached colleagues remotely and in-person all over the world. Sometimes it helps to talk to a stranger who can relate to your situation without needing to be in the thick of it with you. At other times, your peers are your best coaches, which is why Team Building can be invaluable.


I’ve hosted a fair number of events in my time but sadly none of them ever involved a beautiful walk. Knowing first-hand what impact walking has on my own creativity and energy, I’m convinced that a walk-then-workshop format, herein known as a ‘walkshop’, will yield exciting results for all.


Whilst I’m also balancing my health needs with my wealth needs in this business, I appreciate that paid services might not be an option for everyone. So, if you’re an individual looking for someone to talk to, or you’re just keen to stretch your legs in the great outdoors, please join one of my free networking sessions!

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